Nanjing Daqiao Machine Company is the earliest enterprise specializing in manufacturing electropneumatic riveting machines in China.

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Precise digital controlled riveting machine

product description

This device mainly consists of a screw spindle,X-Y operation desk,Supporting stand,base,control cabinet,control program and colored touch display.

This device performs multi-point riveting on one workpiece through automatic multiaxial feeding. This method can save a lot of auxiliary time so it is ideal equipment for multi-point riveting.

This device has the following features:

a) Colored touch LCD,friendly human-machine interface;

b) It employs updated control technology and is easy and relable for operation;

c) It has direction program control of X.Y and Z three axes;

d) It has a safety sensor(safety raster)and organic glass safety hood;

e) It is equipped with several protective measures and an emergency button;

f) It has fast assembling function of workpiece and assembly;

g) Manual operation,semiautomatic and automatic operation can switch freely;

h) The replacement of bucking bar is fast and different bucking bars can rivet different shapes;

i) It has single point riveting and multi-point riveting two designs;

j) The design can de extended according to customers’requirement.

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