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product description

This series of supercharger uses compressed air as the power source. It adopts advanced gas-liquid pressure cylinder and generates the pressure as generated by the oil press in accordance with the conservation of energy to meet the requirement of punching, riveting, assembling and cutting technics in automobile, aeroplane, domestic apparatus and other industries. This device is noiseless, shockfree and convenient for operation. It is especially suitable for pipelining.

Main technical specifications:



Model JY-5T
Operating pressure(kg) 5000
Total stroke(mm) 100 (it is optional in accordance with requirement)
Power stroke(mm) 20(5,10,15,20optional)
Pneumatic source(kg/cm2) 5
Power supply AC220V/50Hz(it can be adapted to  AC110V/60Hz and etc. in accordance with requirement)
Dimension(mm) 440× 500× 1180
Weight(kg) 135
Operation desk dimension(mm) 250 ×220
Distance between the lowest level of spindle and operation desk(mm) 235
Distance between the spindle and vertical post(mm) 120


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